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Planning a renovation of your favourite wooden floor? Well, we can help, because we are the professional team offering the highest quality of floor sanding Enfield service in the area. With over a decade of experience in the field, a bunch of domestic and commercial floor sanding Enfield projects we have worked on, a lot of knowledge and expertise gained and our true dedication and passion for wood flooring, we are proud to deliver every client with high level, professional floor sanding Enfield service.

Our hard-working and committed to success team will provide you with a floor sanding Enfield service that takes care even of the most worn and tired wooden flooring and brings it back to its initial beauty, glory, and durability. So, whenever you are in need of a professional floor sanding Enfield service, do not hesitate to contact us and our floor sanding Enfield division team will happily visit your place and inspect the floor for free, recommend on the best treatments for the floor and finally ensure high-quality care that leaves you with a flawless looking, extra durable and hard-wearing floor you will enjoy for many more decades. Stay tuned if you want to learn more about floor sanding Enfield.

Floor Sanding Enfield: Solid Wood Flooring

Floor sanding Enfield treatment for solid wood floors is pretty much the classic method. Floor sanding Enfield consists of stripping off a thin layer of the top of a wooden floor. This layer normally consists of the old finish and dirt that build up over time. The old finish is not only too weak to protect the floor anymore, but it is usually the part of the floor that gets scratched, marked, stained, etc. By removing the layer of the old finish, floor sanding Enfield is also removing all these surface imperfections, significantly decreasing the risk of more serious issues you definitely do not want to deal with. Floor sanding Enfield is done with attention to detail and care until the whole surface of the floor is smooth, even, and uniform and there are no issues left. Floor sanding Enfield for solid floors is a pretty straightforward process because solid wood floors are classic and easy to work with. The results of our floor sanding Enfield service always seem to impress our clients.

Floor Sanding Enfield: Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a modern and advanced real wood material our floor sanding Enfield team is always happy to work on. Engineered wood has a unique structure with crisscrossed layers of wooden material glued together that makes the engineered wood floorboards less prone to moisture damage, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. However, even the best quality engineered wood floors get worn down and distressed over time and this is when our floor sanding Enfield team is happy to help. Many people still think that engineered wood and laminate are the same material and engineered wood floors cannot be sanded, however, our floor sanding Enfield team is always ready to explain that in more detail. Engineered wood is a real wood flooring type, it comes with a tip layer of hardwood that can be re-sanded a few times in the lifecycle of the floor. Therefore, whenever you feel like engineered wood has seen better days and it is in need of floor sanding Enfield service, our floor sanding Enfield team is always happy to assist and we will provide your favourite floor with the high-quality care and floor sanding Enfield treatment it deserves to look and feel like brand-new once again.

Floor Sanding Enfield: Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is usually considered the most challenging type of real wood flooring when it comes to sanding. It is because of the different directions wooden blocks are fitted in order to achieve a beautiful pattern. Not hiring our professional floor sanding Enfield team and attempting parquet sanding as a DIY project may easily result in sanding against the grain, which damages the floor and leads to quicker wear and tear. Therefore, whenever you are a lucky owner of a beautiful parquet floor, we always recommend you contact our professional floor sanding Enfield team. We have not just the experience and knowledge, but mainly the mastership to take care of this beautiful and unique type of real wood flooring and deliver premium quality floor sanding Enfield service at a reasonable price. Make sure to contact our customer service team and they will happily arrange a visit by our experienced and reliable floor sanding Enfield specialists to inspect the floor and provide you with the best floor sanding Enfield treatment available.

Floor Sanding Enfield: Restoration, Refinishing, Staining

Once the floor sanding Enfield project is finished and the floor sanding Enfield professionals is happy with the result achieved – a smooth, even, and uniform surface of the floor – it is about time to continue with refinishing the floor and staining it if this is what our clients desire. Right after floor sanding, Enfield is when the pores of the wooden structure are open and the floor is ready for the application of products such as primers, finishes, and stains. Our floor sanding Enfield team prides in working with the best quality equipment and products in order to achieve the best results possible for every floor sanding Enfield project we undertake.

We do not only use a wide variety of professional sanding machines and equipment, but we also supply premium quality finishes and stains for our floor sanding Enfield projects. Refinishing after a floor sanding Enfield service is very important. The finish of the floor is the one that protects the floorboards and makes them more durable and hard-wearing. Therefore, every floor sanding Enfield project should be continued with the application of a high-quality finish. If you want to completely change the way your floor looks, make sure to consider staining it after a floor sanding Enfield service. Staining is also recommended right after a floor sanding Enfield treatment. Thanks to floor sanding Enfield service, the surface of the floor is smooth and even, there are no imperfections left and the stain can be applied smoothly and evenly.

Do you want a good chance for your favourite but worn down the wooden floor? Do not wait any longer, call our floor sanding Enfield team and book your floor sanding Enfield service today - 020 70360622.