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Floor Polishing & Restoration Services in Enfield

At Enfield Floor Sanders we would like to hear more from you about what you expect from our sanding services in Enfield. If you have full trust in our experience and knowledge, here we can draw the guidelines of our methods, however, keep in mind we take every project individually.

Solid wood floor restoration– Dedicated to highlighting the natural beauty of the real wood material by removing any imperfections from the surface, caused by frequent traffic, everyday use and other internal or external affections.

Sanding engineered floors – Developed for the thin real wood top veneer of the flooring product, being aggressive to scratches and stains and gentle to the wood.

Parquet sanding – Created for the piece of art parquet flooring is. It combines functionality and art, keeping the condition in good shape without affecting the art line.

Commercial floor restoration– Shaped up for large-scale projects, where time and budget are exhaustible resources. According to a smart methodology, we can provide superb quality with a timely manner.

Wood Floor Sanding

Wood floor sanding | Enfield Floor Sanders

Wood floor sanding is the first step in the renovation process, however, sometimes it is the minimum that needs doing because the floor is in really poor condition, so keep in mind that sanding is not enough by itself and repairs and restoration services may be recommended in Enfield projects. However, sanding will completely transform uneven and worn surfaces, preparing them for the upcoming sealing and staining services.

Engineered Floor Sanding

Engineered floor sanding | Enfield Floor Sanders

Over the years we have sanded multiple floors of all types and we know engineered wood restoration is among the most tricky and risky out of them. It is because of the structure of the plank with a thin real wood top layer, which is really easy to be ruined. But don’t worry, because we have enough experience and knowledge to undertake every project in Enfield and provide you with flawless results!

Parquet Sanding

Parquet floor sanding | Enfield Floor Sanders

We provide flexible sanding services in Enfield, available when you need one the most. Our parquet sanding service is very popular, because it gives a new and lighter sense to the complex repair and care for the mosaic type of flooring. We can completely transform parquetry with a timely manner and still bringing out the best from the pattern.

Sanding Commercial Floors

School flooring renovation project | Enfield Floor Sanders

Every floor is individual and can’t be complete without its small imperfections the way it can’t be complete without its unique layout. However, some of these imperfections are often a sign of a growing issue, which will totally ruin the appearance and beauty. Especially for business and public premises, you know how important the good presentation and look are, so now you can create a lasting impression thanks to our services for commercial areas in Enfield.