Parquetry is a wooden flooring at its finest, offering one of a kind beauty and style that no other type of flooring can really beat and imitate. Parquetry is a style of mosaic installation, creating complex and beautiful geometric patterns, which can compliment every room, every style, being traditional or contemporary. Parquet floors can be constructed from every wood species and in a variety of patterns and they bring a completely different sense and vibe to the place, requiring special maintenance in order to save their lovely look and good condition for longer. Preserve the initial beauty of the mosaic composition for years to come by hiring Enfield Floor Sanders for a parquet floor sanding service in Enfield, because it will bring back the initial glory. We can promise you to pamper your parquetry installation with a professional touch, without losing the initial art line.

Because parquet flooring is mosaic and fitted in complex compositions, we first need to inspect the pattern in order to see how it is affected and if you would like our honest recommendation, be sure to contact our customer service and request a free site visit in Enfield. We have this rare for the flooring companies approach and we would like to completely understand the project and your requirements, so we are able to find the best battle plan and can promise you a total success.

When it comes to floor sanding in Enfield, we are at the top of our branch and many satisfied and loyal clients can support this statement. At Enfield Floor Sanders you can meet only experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality and nothing less. In addition, we invest in technical excellence and work with contemporary sanding machines, which are 99% dust free and create less residue as you won’t experience hiring another company in Enfield. So, we can promise you to leave your property completely tidy and clean and minimise the amount of disruption to your day.

We are sanding specialists, but in some cases, you may need some additional help, including repairs of floors in poor condition and we can also offer you that. We highly believe our services are not only one straightaway process but the full care package in order to achieve the desired outcome. What you can expect in addition to our parquet floor sanding service is:

  • Gap filling – A service, dedicated to filling non-structural gaps with high quality resin fillers and leaving the surface uniform and smooth.
  • Repairs and restoration - We will give you our honest recommendation for repair services if there are deep dents and scratches, penetrating through the top layer, also loose or broken blocks. We can replace them and find the perfect match.
  • Wood replacement – for broken spots and blocks, which can fit no more due to moisture effect and so. Our spot repair service is better than replacing the whole floor.
  • Sealing and staining – The perfect finishing touch after sanding, because wood’s pores are open and the products will adhere better, creating colour contrast and protection.