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How to remove dried paint from a wooden floor?

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How to remove old paint from your wooden floor?

To some extent, we would prefer to deal with fresh spills of paint instead of dealing with old and already-dried paint. In fact, neither one of these tasks is pleasant, nor easy and quick, however, you cannot leave the ugly paint stains to affect the appearance and beauty of your wonderful wooden floor, right? In case you have to deal with such an issue and you find yourself in a position of needing advice and recommendations on how to remove the old paint from the surface of your wooden flooring, be sure to keep reading and we hope that we can help you tackle this problem.

When cleaning up a fresh paint spill you will most probably at least know the type of the paint, which is very important in terms of deciding what type of substance you are going to use for removing the paint. As you know, paints come with a different ingredients list, some of them are water-based, some of them oil-based or else and for every occasion, there is a substance that works better at removing the exact type of paint. On the other hand, this could be not quite the case with old paint stains, since there is quite a big chance of you not being sure about the type of paint and so the process of removing it is based on hit-or-miss style. To skip the bad experience and to know how exactly to attack the paint stains and remove them effectively in less time, we are going to share some ideas and recommendations with you.

First things first, you have to focus on trying to remember or find out the type of paint you have to deal with. Identifying the type of paint will determine the method of removal you are going to use. As we have already mentioned, there are various types of paint, the most commonly used are water-based and oil-based or latex paint. Once you narrow down the possibilities, you can then go for the type of paint remover you are going to need and use.

In general, water-based and latex paint is the best to be removed, when still wet. However, if this is not possible, there is quite a chance you may struggle with getting rid of the stains, but it is not impossible. So, if the paint is still wet, be sure to use a damp cloth, since hot water and a cloth will perfectly resolve the problem. However, if the paint has already dried, wipe it off with a cloth soaked in hot water to moisten and soften the paint stains. Once the paint goes “liquid” again, rub it off with a damp cloth that is soaked in hot water.

You can also try to remove the dried stains with a hot, wet scrubber and a sponge. You can also use a small amount of vegetable oil you will apply on the scrubber to protect the cleaned surface and minimise the possible damage and the risk of scuffs and scratches.

If you have to deal with an oil-based paint that is still wet, you can use a thinner for the paint, but if it has already dried, it is, unfortunately, impossible to remove the stain without damaging your floor or its finish. The only option left to you is scraping the old stain or using a chemical product like, for example, nail polish remover with acetone. Both these methods will leave your floor with patches of distressed finish, so you have to consider some professional help next.

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